Trade policy

We do accept some books for trade.

For any books we accept, we offer 20% of the new value of the book as in-store credit.

In-store credit can be used toward 50% of a used book purchase from our shelves.

Store credit can accumulate on your account and will not expire. Should you move or decide you no longer need the credit, there is an option to donate your credit to Chelsea teachers for purchasing classroom books.

Excellent condition is essential. We look for book club choices and recent award winners in paperback, as well as classics, and unusual and eclectic vintage treasures.

No appointment is necessary, but please limit your drop-offs to one grocery bag or small box so our store-room does not become overwhelmed.

Processing trade books can take a week or longer.

We do not guarantee a return on any books previously purchased at Serendipity Books.

Any books we cannot accept are donated back to the community.