Editor & manuscript critique service

Definitions. Let’s get those straight first.

Margin notes:

This is a micro approach with page-by-page notes in your manuscript. Structure, syntax, word choice, clarity, tense issues, typos and other specific issues will all be marked. You will see many notes on every page of your manuscript; on my part, this means an extremely close read, attention to detail and a precise consideration of your creative choices.

Critique notes:

Written feedback that addresses the major components of your manuscript: character, narrative arc, reader engagement, consequence of stylistic choices (person and tense), plot, voice, imagery, setting, etc. All the big picture topics will be considered and creative suggestions made as the development of your work is pushed forward.

Manuscript revision notes:

Written feedback given after initial feedback has been received and changes made. As I’ll already be familiar with the work, the charges are 50% of the original.


10 page edit – $75

I’ll read your manuscript and provide three pages of critique notes as well as close margin notes. Expect to read about your characters, narrative arc, voice, reader engagement, stylistic choices, and potential red flags and inconsistencies.

This is a good choice for a short story, a complete work of shorter creative non-fiction (such as a personal essay), or for initial feedback on a larger piece of work.

100 page edit – $500

Select this option and I’ll provide eight pages of critique notes that will consider elements evident in a longer piece of work, such as narrative arc, character development, reader engagement, and chapter resolution. There will also be margin notes, but fewer than in a 10 page edit.

Up to 70,000 words manuscript edit – $1500 (or pro-rated as appropriate)

With this option I’ll offer multiple margin notes as well as 10-12 pages of critique notes, considering every detail of your work, both micro and macro. This package includes a query letter and synopsis critique for those ready to pursue publication.


Query Letter and Synopsis – $150

This consultation will combine both critique notes and margin notes. Careful consideration of how both elements support and strengthen the other is central to this critique. Expect to see multiple margin notes as well as a two-page written report addressing macro issues.

College Application Essays – $50

A fun service for my youngest clients. An initial one-page written critique document considering macro issues such as subject, narrative voice, and reader engagement. Once initial changes have been made and re-submitted, a follow-up critique will be given with multiple margin notes addressing grammar, word choice, and syntax. This is a high value-for-money package, offering both critique and margin notes, priced to enable our youngsters to be their very best.


If your needs don’t fit one of the above packages, let me know and we’ll fashion a package just for you.


I hold an MA in Creative Writing from The Open University in England. My true love is writing, workshopping, and critiquing short stories. I also have significant experience in larger works of both creative non-fiction and fiction. I am a long term member of The Chelsea Writers Group. As a board member for The Kerrytown Bookfest, I manage year-round critique workshops. My recent short story, ‘Goodbye Tigger,’ was published in the Summer 2018 edition of The Avalon Literary Review.  As owner of Serendipity Books, I also have a thing about iconoclastic bookstores too.